"Cosecha" means the wine harvest in Spanish which also stands for the symbol of success and prosperity for a new start.

Cosecha Tarapaca represents love, fascination of the Chilean people. With the desire to share that passion, the Tarapaca winery has successfully exported their products into 60 countries and they’ve become one of the favorite Chilean wines in daily meals around the world. Everyone could enjoy high-quality Chilean wine glasses everyday yet the reasonable price!

Tarapaca is one of the oldest wineries in Chile, was founded in 1874 at the foot of the Andes. Tarapaca wines reflect the tradition of the history of wine makings and methods of producing fine wines.

The vineyard is located in the Maipo Valley, which is one of the oldest valleys in Chile, where wineries can produce high-quality wines. The most unique eco-systems in the world with diverse terrain types of vineyards could produce the same kinds of grape but with completely different tastes. This is interesting for the boutique wineries that they can create a lot of wines with distinctive characters.
Let's start the New Year 2017 with some wine glasses of Cosecha Tarapaca for new success and prosperity!

Hotline: 091 7656 692 - Ms. Phương

Hà Nội
- 781 Hồng Hà - Hoàn Kiếm
- 67 Lê Duẩn - Ba Đình 
- Hapro Building - 11C Cát Linh – Ba Đình

Hạ Long
- 16 Đại lộ Marine Plaza Hùng Thắng

Đà Nẵng
- 127 Lê Lợi – Hải Châu 

17/12 Lê Thánh Tôn – Quận 1

Nha Trang
147 Nguyễn Thiện Thuật

Phú Quốc
130 Nguyễn Trung Trực – Dương Đông



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